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North Dakota

Does working as a a paralegal or legal assistant sound good to you?

Consider getting from nowhere to a great career in just a few quick months. A legal assistant or paralegal training course might be the route to build it.

Once you graduate, you will be a new specialist in the legal industry, undertaking a lot of the things that a lawyer generally has to do, but minus the personal and fiscal investment of spending a few years in law school. And you might start training at either a good local college or a web-based school.

Legal Assistant and Paralegal Vocation Profile
Working ND lawyer putting in the hoursParalegals — or legal assistants — help lawyers get prepared for trials, hearings, closings and client meetings. They frequently perform complex groundwork activities, obtaining information and facts and producing outlines that provide credibility to a legal matter.

As stated by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of paralegals is forecast to rise by 19 to 21 percent by 2019. This increase is more than the national pace of other occupations.

There could be an increase in the need for legal assistants with targeted industry experience, including real estate, bankruptcy, medical negligence, or product liability. In addition to the jobs different law firms, employment opportunities also can be found in State, Federal, and city government departments, non-profit associations, and the various court systems.

Schooling, Accreditation and Degrees
There might be about 1,000 colleges and universities, law schools, and specialty schools that offer authentic legal assistant study coursework either at a walk-on campus or online; of these, around 265 curriculums are approved by the American Bar Association. Academic accreditation for legal assistants range from a completion certificate to a Masters diploma.

 ND college classmatesWith regards to qualifications, The National Association of Legal Assistants presents the Certified Legal Assistant, the Certified Paralegal, and the Advanced Paralegal Certification. In addition, the National Federation of Paralegal Association presents their Registered Paralegal accreditation to specialists who already possess a bachelor’s degree, at least two years of working experience, and can also pass the standard test.

And as you get nearer to finishing your studies, these colleges put in the work to provide you with occupation placement assistance. This service is maintained throughout your law career.

Sound interesting? Let’s get started.

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