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Iona College is a private university that has two main campuses in New York State. One campus is in New Rochelle while the other is located in Pearl River.

Iona College was established in 1940. It is considered by many to be one of the top catholic colleges in the country. It offers over 40 majors and 30 minors in different areas of study. Most of these programs have received the highest accreditations from the national accreditation organizations. They also offer graduate programs with over 25 graduate degree programs.

Besides the normal study programs, the college offers a great variety of study abroad opportunities. These programs include studying in countries like France, Australia, Spain, Italy and several other countries.

The college has a very vibrant student population. There are over 80 campus organizations that make both the spiritual and social life on campus quite amazing. There are also hundreds of volunteer service opportunities that help you mold your character and reach out to society while at school.

Iona College has undergone a lot of transformation in recent years. Currently, it has a new, refurbished athletics center, an ultramodern library among many other greatly improved services.

The school also allows you to be part of the students' organization and improve your leadership skills. Besides academics, the college is also renowned for their great performance in athletics. As a matter of fact, their team "The Gaels" are known across the country for their extraordinary performance in field and track athletic events.

Two of the biggest program areas at this school are business and arts and sciences. The Hagan School of business offers degrees in accounting, marketing, finance, business administration, management and information systems management. The arts and sciences category include studies such as literature, mass communication, journalism, languages such as French and German, social work, philosophy and many more.

There are also over 30 post graduate programs for students who already have a bachelor's degree. In case you cannot make it to the school for undergraduate studies, it is also possible to apply for their courses online from the schools website. The opportunities that Iona opens up for many of its graduates is endless.

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